Exports to 16 different countries of the world and is the supplier of many public institutions and organizations in the country,

featured with a function to extract any objects that can pass through the strainer that available in the end of suction hose, without need to any further action such as airing during operation, thus it is capabe to drain water in all cases of flooding. Due to being that, high-pressure water can be provided by Kube Pump. Kube Pumps also suitable for environments where fire brigade truck is not available or to response to fire by assisting fire brigade trucks.

P1 Gasoline

P1 Diesel

P2 Gasoline

Kube Pumps able to reach up to 10 meters suction lift (although the phrase is suction, due to the nature of our patented system pushing the water up with the help of a propeller, that means no loss flow rate up to 10 meters). This feature makes Kube Pump is unique. Further, it does not lead to air accumulation inside. One of the distinguished features that there is no flowrate and pressure loss as it is going deeper. It is a highly advantageous system seperated from the other known motor-pumps because, Kube Pump does not operate with a system such as inner pump water filling, check value, flap or vacuum